Cut The Rope: Experiments

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Kick off your fun and energy day with an adorable game which is Cut The Rope: Experiments. Feed Om Nom with a simple cut to bring the candy to its mouth.

If you've heard of the cut the rope series, this comeback will definitely not be difficult for you. With a simple mechanism, you only need a shortcut to bring the candy to Om Nom's mouth. However, sometimes the candies are not placed as well as we would like. Therefore, you must use your flexible mind and skillful hands to bring it to the position you want. Take advantage of the help items at each level such as blowers, mattresses, stretch ropes, bubbles, and more. Besides, each level gives you 3 stars. You must pass the candy past all 3 stars to collect them. You will get a high score if you complete the game in a short time and collect all 3 stars. I believe you can beat this game.

Vital factors of Cut The Rope: Experiments

You have 8 levels to pass in this game mentioned as getting started, shooting the candy, sticky steps, rocket science, or ant hill. Each level will come with different small levels and boosters. You can only keep going at high levels when you pass the small levels and collect the required number of stars.