Cut For Imposter

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Solve brain hacking puzzles in Cut For Imposter

Cut For Imposter is a fun puzzle game. You will have to think about how to solve the puzzles at each different level. Help Imposter have a delicious meal. Embark on an arcade adventure with Imposter, a character with an insatiable appetite for delicious meals. His one and only desire is to indulge in the sweets dangling above his head. Your mission is to satisfy Imposter's cravings by strategically cutting the ropes that hold the candy, allowing it to drop straight into his mouth. Feed the Imposter and witness his joy as he relishes in the delectable treats.

A few tips when giving sweets to Imposter

  • Use your mouse to break the rope holding Imposter's candy. Try to find ways to get the candy to the mouth of this character, you have completed the goal.
  • Don't let your candy fall out of Imposter's mouth because that will game over.
  • You can retry multiple ways by clicking the back button at the top right corner. So you can play this level again when you have made a mistake or taken an unexpected step.
  • In addition to having to find a way to bring the candy to the mouth of the Imposter, you also need to find a way to collect all three stars. Try to use all your thinking to solve each level. You need to pass each level to get to the next level. The higher the level, the higher your thinking is required. This is a great game that brings many interesting challenges to you.