Cube 2048.io

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Participate in Cube 2048.io to get fulfilling emotion

Cube 2048.io is a perfect combination of Slithe and 2048. Experience the game to see the difference. Move into this arena and collect smaller cubes.

What can you do on the hot summer days to come? We suggest this as one of the cool options for you to cool off your summer. To start the game, you need to type a name into the name box. Then you will jump into an arena. Here, you will have to fight a series of other difficult cubes. To defeat them, you need to use the arrows in your cube to attack the smaller cubes and collect them. Look closely at the number of cups because you can only collect cubes with smaller numbers. Stay away from cubes with bigger numbers as they can attack and kill you. To get rid of them, you can use the quick launch ability. With this ability, you can also attack the prey and capture them in seconds. Try to get a high score and spend a high rank on the leaderboard. You can become the strongest or will become delicious bait for other cubes.

Few useful tips that you can refer to defeat Cube 2048.io

  • Firstly, as a baby cube, you must try to stay away from collisions with other cubes. Instead, you should spend time and energy collecting stationary cubes.
  • Secondly, avoid moving near the corners or edges of the map. Sometimes your cunning opponents can corner you or into a wall to attack and collect you. At that time, you will have very little way to escape.
  • Next, it's important to master the accelerator button. It can help you escape the pursuit of enemies and eat other cubes. However, you need to remember that the accelerator button has a short duration. Therefore, release them when the situation is not necessary for use.
  • In the end, calmness, alertness, and intelligence are important factors. Even if you are targeted by an opponent, don't worry. You need to run away but don't panic because you may, unfortunately, fall into the sights of other enemies. Even if you lose a cube on your body, that's okay. As long as you have one cube left to survive.