Crazy Steve.io

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Crazy Steve.io has never been out of a hot

Rules of the game

One of the best fighting and survival games cannot lack of the presence of Crazy Steve.io. Control your character to pick up weapons and food on the map.

Fighting or survival games always hold a certain place in the hearts of fans, especially this game. Enter the game and prepare to be a warrior ready to go to battle. Move on the map and collect all the loot or food you see. After collecting them, you can become bigger and stronger. After getting older you can use your weapons to destroy others. However, do your best to avoid enemies stronger than you. They can end your life at any time. Each weapon will bring special abilities. Choose them carefully for a reasonable strategy. On the map, there are also some animals. You can rely on them to move faster. An uphill battle is about to take place. Are you mentally prepared to fight it? Can you become the undefeate?

Ways to control your character

Use the mouse to move

Use the left mouse to kill your enemies

Hold on the E key to pick up the items

Press on the F key to ride an animal

Character skins and items you can get in Crazy Steve.io

In the map, you can pick up a lot of special items such as protection items and weapons. Your protective gear will be a hat or armor. The weapons you can have are arrow, bow, gold sword, iron sword, diamond sword, stone sword, egg, TNT, wood sword, and fireball. Besides, you can change your look with dozens of available skins. While TNT bombs can explode a wide area, bows or knives can kill you at the closest distance.