Color Tunnel

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Overview of Color Tunnel

Change your boring day with a 3D running video game called Color Tunnel. Rotate to the left or to the right to avoid unpredictable obstacles.

With simple and easy-to-understand mechanics, this game will help you have a fun and exhilarating day. You will enter an endless tunnel. Use your keyboard to rotate left or right and avoid obstacles. Your obstacles move fast and unpredictably, so be careful with them. You need to try to overcome as much obstruction and go as far as possible. Your score will increase if you conquer more tunnels. The more you go, the faster the rotation speed of the tunnel will be and the obstacles will be more and more. The game will end if you touch the obstructions. Try your best to conquer it and get an ideal point.

Notes about Color Tunnel

How to avoid obstacles

Computer: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to rotate

Mobile devices: Tap or press on the screen to rotate

Graphics and effects

The game has extremely unique and attractive effects. The color of the tunnel and obstacles is constantly changing. It is both a player attraction and a challenge when you have to distinguish them to avoid. The music in the game is also an important factor to attract you. Avoiding obstacles on the tunnel based on changing music and color movement is an effective tip for you. Try to get a high score and break old records.