Bucket Crusher

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Basic steps in Bucket Crusher

Conquering Bucket Crusher is as easy as conquering your crush? Use the crusher to crush the objects to collect coins and upgrade to continue with others.

This game with simple one-click gameplay will give you moments of fun and make you unable to take your eyes off the game. Control the crusher to crush the object in front of your screen. However, you should note that it will run out of fuel after a short time of operation. After each crush, you will collect some coins. You need to use those coins to upgrade the crusher and fuel tank. Then, continue with your work of crushing objects. After you've completely crushed an object, you'll move on to the next object and level up. Higher levels will have different objects and more interesting challenges.

Notes before crushing in Bucket Crusher

Levels and objects

The game gives players an endless level. Objects will also be changed after each level. As you level up, you will not only encounter objects like apples, or avocados, but you will encounter challenging objects like walls, or statues, and so on. Complete crush everything as fast as you can and level up.

Upgrade to crush objects easily

To easily complete the game and reach new levels, you need to use useful upgrades such as fuel upgrades or increase the length of the crusher. Initially, your crusher is quite short in length and has a meager fuel tank. Therefore, to process the entire object, you need to upgrade the above items continuously. The more you upgrade, the more coins you will get. Use those coins to buy upgrades and complete the crusher stage. Can you crush a subject as fast as crushing on someone?