Boxman Sokoban

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About Boxman Sokoban

Check out your brain with an awesome classic puzzle game which is Boxman Sokoban. Help the man push all the wooden crates to the marked position.

If you are a fan of the box-pushing game genre, you need to experience this game immediately. In the game, you will see several boxes along with some green locations. Control the man to move the wooden box to the marked locations. However, you need to be careful. Your box cannot be pushed into the corner. If it's in a corner, you won't be able to move it. You don't need time pressure at any level. So think carefully before you move the box or you will get stuck. Besides, you can select the button to control the character with the finger icon. You can also go back to your old move or start the game over in case you get stuck.

All levels in Boxman Sokoban

You can face 100 levels in the game. The difficulty of levels is ranked from easy to hard. A level is complete when you put all the boxes in the right place. Then, you can continue the game to the next level. You can retake the challenge if you have problems with any move.