Blumgi Magic Ball

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How about Blumgi Magic Ball

Relax with one of the most fun tossing sports games which is Blumgi Magic Ball. Control the character to jump up and put the ball in the basket.

If you are struggling with a long and boring day, you can give Blumgi Magic Ball a try. Control your character to create goals by throwing the ball into the basket. You need to click to select the position of the ball. Drag the mouse to drag the rope to the position you want. Release the mouse to guide the ball to that position. Then continue until you can hit the ball in the basket. You can extend the rope anywhere you want. You can also fly into the sky or dive underwater to keep your ball. Therefore, think carefully and use as little drag and drop as possible. You must complete a level to fill up the chests. If you fill the chest, you will unlock new levels and new characters. Try to unlock all the characters to explore many interesting things in the game.

Engaging features of Blumgi Magic Ball

The game gives you 18 unique characters including a black frog, a green frog, a brown bear, a witch, an egg, a duck, a dinosaur, a bomb, and so on. To get these characters, you need to complete challenges and unlock chests. After filling up the chests, a new level with other interesting characters will be opened. The following levels will be more difficult than the previous levels. Try to pass the levels by relying on the terrain of the game.