Basket Random

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About Basket Random

The common rules

Relax your muscles with the fun sports game that is Basket Random. Control your character to put the ball in the basket as much as possible to win.

If you are a fan of basketball games, you will be amazed at the funny and crazy gameplay of this game. Choose a game mode to start the game. Control your characters to score as much as you can and win. However, the movement and actions of the characters are random. Therefore, you can only make the character jump to move and take the ball. Jump up to steal the ball. Hold the mouse and then, release it to score. The team that scores first will be the winner. You need to get 5 points to be the winning team, This game has various matches. After each match, the space of the game and the player's shirt will change. You need to do your best to bring your team to be the winner first. Besides, you can invite your friends to participate in this one-of-a-kind contest.

How to move the character

  • 1-player mode

Use the W key or the UP ARROW key to ump

  • 2-player mode

First player: Use the W key to jump

Second player: Use the UP ARROW key to jump

Outstanding factors

One of the attractive elements of the game is the player's space and shirt. The space in the game will change after each match. You can play with the theme of work, school, or park, from indoor to outdoor, from sunny to snowy. In addition, random physics is also something worth mentioning. Physical elements like a long arm, a short arm, a heavy ball, a light ball, and so on also significantly impact your game. Finally, 2 game modes are something to watch out for. You can play against your friends in 2-player mode or fight an AI opponent in 1-player mode.