Basket Battle

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Play sports with Basket Battle

Show off your pitching pinnacles in the game of Basket Battle. The rule is very simple. Drag the mouse to jump up and release to drop the ball into the basket.

If you are passionate about sports games, this is one of the must-have games on your list. What do you need to do to throw the ball into the basket? In this game, you need to use the mouse to drag and throw the ball up. Your character will also jump up. Then, release your hand to put the ball into the correct basket position. However, points are only accepted when the ball is dropped from a high position to a low position. You have 3 drops. You must drop the ball into the basket all three times to complete the level. There are countless levels to challenge you.

Something is waiting for you in Basket Battle

Levels which you need to overcome

The game offers unlimited levels. You must successfully put the ball into the basket from above to complete a level. Once done, you will get some coins and level up. Each level has 3 ball drops. Complete all 3 ball drops to win the level. At a high level, you need to defeat your enemy.

Special items in the shop

You can choose for yourself 6 hats in the store. To get a new hat, you need to use the coins you earn to unlock it. Buy new hats to equip your character and move on to the next levels.