Banana Running

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What is Banana Running

The common principles

Transform into a cute banana in an endless runner game called Banana Running. Move left or right to avoid unexpected obstacles and collect golden balls.

Have you ever seen a walking banana? If you haven't, this game will show you a running and jumping banana. Step into the game and control the banana to act the way you want such as running, jumping, crawling, and so on to avoid the obstacles on the way. Note that you also need to collect items like girl bananas, or golden balls to complete the goal. After collecting enough girl bananas, you will become bigger and move on to the next goal. You only have 3 lives. Therefore, after 3 collisions with obstacles on the road, you will die. At the end of the game, you can use your golden balls to buy useful items in the shop and conquer more difficult stages. Experience the game to be a lovely and funny banana.

How to avoid obstacles

Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to move

Use the UP ARROW key to jump

Use the DOWN ARROW key to crawl

Some items in Banana Running

You can unlock special items in the shop. These include a skateboard, a segway, a firework, a hoverboard, and so on. You need to use some golden balls to unlock these booster items. Each item has a different function. Whatever its feature, they will help you a lot in the game. Unlock them all to easily conquer the game.