Bad Ice Cream 1

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What you will do when you become an ice cream in Bad Ice Cream 1

Prepare for you a delicious and cool breakfast with novelty ice cream in Bad Ice Cream 1. Use your special ability to avoid opponents and collect fruits.

Become a cute and unique ice cream in this puzzle game that will brighten up your day. Choose a game mode and your favorite flavor to start the game. With a very simple goal, you need to collect all the fruits shown on the screen to complete the level. However, you won't get them easily. Dangerous monsters will stand in your way from collecting fruit. You cannot kill them, you can only run away. Fortunately, the game grants you special powers including blocking and breaking the ice on the runway. You can use these special abilities to block the way of monsters or pave the way to easily run away from them. Each level gives you 2 minutes to complete. Try to finish as soon as possible to get a high score. Hurry up and join the game.

What you need to focus on Bad Ice Cream 1

The way you can control ice cream

  • The first ice cream

Use the WASD keys to move

Use the F key to break and create ice blocks

  • The second ice cream

Use the ARROW keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR key to break and create ice blocks

Variety of levels in the game

You are given 40 levels with increasing challenges. You have to overcome the opponents and collect enough fruits to pass the levels. At high levels, monsters can fly, roll or slither to block your way or do everything to prevent you from collecting fruits. Try to overcome them to finish all levels.

The game mode

You can choose from 2 main game modes including 1-player and 2-player. In the first mode, you must overcome monsters and a series of difficult challenges with your own strength. You will have more assistants to accompany you in the second mode. In 2-player mode, if one of the players dies the game will continue with the other player. The game will only end when both collide with the monster and die. However, it will be more fun and interesting if you have an extra partner to accompany you.