AZ Tank Trouble 4

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How about AZ Tank Trouble 4

Enter the fierce battle between tanks in Tank Trouble 2. Take control of your tank to destroy as many enemies as you can and move to the next level.

A war between tanks is breaking out in this shooting and strategy game. You need to drive your tank through the maze and eliminate the opponent in a short time. Choose the mode and level of the game. Use arrow keys to move. Take advantage of the maze's terrain to dodge bullets and attack enemies. Press the m key to attack the enemy. However, you must be aware that you will die if you are hit by any bullets from any tank, including yours. At that time, you will lose one point. You will not be able to predict the enemy's bullet path. They can hit the wall and bounce back. Therefore, avoid and move quickly when encountering the bullets of your enemies. Try to take advantage of when your opponent is not paying attention to attack them. Try to win and eliminate your enemies as many times as you can to get a high score. Each tank will have a distinct color. You need to distinguish your car from your opponent's. Besides, you can also invite your friends to participate in this fierce battle. In the maze, you also encounter some loot or boost items. Take advantage of it to help you take down your opponents faster and become stronger.

Remarkable information about AZ Tank Trouble 4

How to control the tank

  • The first-player mode

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the M key to shoot

  • The multiplayer-mode

First player: Use the ESDF keys to move and the Q key to shoot

Second player: Use the IJKL keys to move and the Y key to shoot

Third player: Use the ARROW keys to move and the CTRL key to shoot

Forth player: Use the 8,4,5, and 6 keys to move and the 0 key to shoot

The level and game mode

This game has 4 main modes and 2 levels in the first mode. 4 modes in the game include 1-player, 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player. In the first mode, you also need to choose the level of the game. There are 2 levels in the game including the easy and hard level. With an easy level, you can easily control everything on the board. In the second level, it will be harder for you to get rid of all enemies you need to deal with a PC enemy. You can choose the level In 2-player, 3-player, and 4-player mode, you can invite your friends to play with you. You need to defeat your friend and become the only tank on the board. No matter which mode or level you play, do your best to become the winner. You need to deal with 4 tanks at a maximum. Each tank will have a different color, so you can easily recognize them. The way to control each tank is different. You need to pay attention to accurately control yours.