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What you don't know about Archery

How does it feel to be an archer? This will be answered in Archery. Control the stickman to shoot the bow and knock down your opponent to win.

Are you looking for an archery or strategy game? All of these are included in this game. The only task is to use your bow and arrow to eliminate as many opponents as possible. You will start first. However, it is important for you to be faster and hit more than your opponent to eliminate them. Drag the mouse to adjust the bow's firing direction. Then, release your hand to hit the target. Try to hit dangerous locations to end your opponent's life in one attempt. Both you and your opponent will die after hitting twice. Beware of your opponent's arrows. You can use tactics to dodge or quickly shoot an arrow to kill them before you are defeated. The more opponents you kill, the more points you will get. Just pick up the bow and destroy your opponent.

Strategies for you to dominate the game

  • The first and foremost tactic is shooting in the headshot position to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. The stickman's dangerous positions include the head and feet. In other positions, you need at least 2 shots to eliminate them.
  • While your opponent attacks, do not stand in one place. In fact, you can adjust the stickman to crouch or look up or shoot back at your opponent while they shoot you. Try to do everything to survive.
  • The position and distance of the opponents will be different. You are also not limited to bows and arrows. Whether the location is near or far, try to get rid of them as soon as you can.