Angry Gran Run Grannywood

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Run with granny in Angry Gran Run Grannywood

How about the playing rules

Angry Gran Run Grannywood is an endless fast-speed running game that you will love at first sight. Transform into a granny and pass all obstacles to run as far as you can.

If you have been a fan of popular series like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, this game will surely satisfy you. In this game, you need to take your character to overcome the obstacles on the way and get a high score. Try to collect more coins on the way and kick those who stand in your way. You can get more coins if you knock them out. Don't touch any obstacles because you can get into an accident if you collide with them. You will level up after you fill up the progress bar which is displayed on the left side of the screen. To get a high score you need to travel as far as possible. At the end of the game, you can use coins to unlock new powerups or characters. Experience the game and help the old lady conquer a long distance.

The way to control your character

  • Computer device:

Use the UP ARROW key to jump up

Use the DOWN ARROW key to bow down

Press on the A key to move to the left

Press on the D key to move to the right

  • Mobile devices: Tap on the screen to play

Unlock characters and powerups in Angry Gran Run Grannywood

Your character will be exchanged for a new character or you can buy powerups in the shop with your coins. Some typical powerups are slow time, sprint, invincibility, and coin multiplier. You can slow down time with slow time. Be invincible and quicker with invincibility. Unlock coin multiplier pickup to multiply your current coins.